PETRA is a Romanian-German Joint Venture Company that activates in the technical field as a producer and also as a supplier of services for different kind of electronic and electro technical equipment.

PETRA is now one of the biggest manufacturers of toroidal transformers in Romania, with an excellent reputation on the market, our power range including: mono-phase and three-phase transformers, autotransformers, inductances, power supplies.


1990 – the company was founded
1995 – the company became a Romanian-German Joint Venture with a positive effect as regards technology investments and exports
2000 – moved to a new building of 1200 m2, especially design for production of transformers:

  •  a workshop for cores execution and thermic treatment
  •  a workshop for primary winding on automated machines
  •  a workshop for assembling transformers
  •  a modern laboratory for cores measurements and testing transformers
  •  an electronic workshop where power supplies are made
  •  a workshop where mounting hardware and metal boxes are made
  •  a workshop for electrical motors repairs
  •  a store with electric materials and electronic equipment

2002 – the company was successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2000 standard and recertification in 2006
2005 – the acquisition of three production halls and a field of 5000 m2 where PETRA intends to expand its activity.



PETRA has a network of almost 1300 customers all over the country for toroidal transformers and exports in Moldavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Denmark and Holland.
PETRA is now recognized on the market as a manufacturer of leading-edge toroidal transformers.


In July 2002 PETRA has implemented and certified the Quality Management System pursuant to standard ISO 9001:2000 with TÜV Thuringen. This certificate represents a recognition of our efforts as regards our continuous preoccupation to offer our clients products and services conforming to standards of international quality.
We are now  gathering the documentation in order to obtain ANR and Electrica certifications.

Our policy concerning to quality focuses on:

  •  meeting and exceeding customers expectations
  •  continuously rising the quality of the products by using the highest quality in the raw materials on the market and strong technical engineering expertise
  •  rising productivity by rising the quality of the production process

Why choose PETRA?

  •  Highest quality of the products
  •  Very good quality of raw materials
  •  Low cost of ownership
  •  Very good design engineers and manufacturers
  •  Flexibility in designing special transformers
  •  Application support






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